Membership Benefits

"Why should I join Tau Beta Pi?"

By becoming an official Tau Beta Pi member, you will enjoy lifetime benefits that will follow you in whatever profession and endeavor you choose to pursue. These include being associated with the prestige of the Tau Beta Pi Association, exclusive scholarships and fellowships for TBP members, unique networking opportunities with well-accomplished men and women in the engineering profession, and many different leadership opportunities by becoming officers or house leaders. For an extensive list of official benefits, please see our headquarters webpage.

Active Membership Benefits

Benefits for being a Tau Beta Pi active member include:
  1. Priority to events with restricted participation
  2. Discount on Social Events (Variable for every Event)
  3. Discounts on stoles and cords
    • Buying Stoles: $22 inactive, $15 active
    • Buying Cords: $17 inactive, $9 active
    • Renting Stoles: $11 inactive, $6 active
    • Renting Cords: $10 inactive, $5 active
    • Need to be active for one of the quarters from that year
  4. Free entrance to end of year banquet
  5. Coffee hours with professors (Once per quarter)
  6. 1 free t-shirt from one of the initiation cycles
    • Need to be active for 1 of the quarters from that year
  7. And the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you say, ā€œIā€™m an active member!ā€

Active Membership Requirements

The requirements for active membership are as follows:
  1. 8 points a quarter (from any category) grants active status for the sequential quarter
    • Example: 8 points in fall => active status in winter
  2. Points must be recorded and signed either on a point sheet or through the new point recording online application
  3. A max of 4 Non-TBP Professional events can be used as points towards Active Status
    • These events require a write-up for how the event matches Tau Beta Pi Goals and proof of participation
  4. If you have just initiated, you are automatically deemed Active Status for the current and following quarter

Leadership Opportunities

Members have the opportunity to apply to the 20 officer positions available at the UCSD CA Psi chapter of Tau Beta Pi. This is an excellent opportunity to become more involved in the engineering community and encourage professional development. Officers work extensively with other engineering orgs throughout the year, in addition to external involvement with TBP headquarters.

We encourage members interested in becoming officers to become house leaders, where they will be involved in the initiation process and help encourage the next generation of Tau Beta Pi members. In addition, please feel free to contact any of the officers if you have interest in joining a committee.

Networking Opportunities

TBP members have the opportunity to connect with other members across the country. In addition to alumni and industry mixers that the UCSD CA Psi offers throughout the year, members should feel free to

Scholarships and Fellowships

TBP provides many opportunities for stipends used to further the education of current members. There were 40 fellowship recipients of $10,000 stipends, and more than 1,700 recipients of scholarships for the 2013-2014 year. If you are more interested in scholarship/fellowship opportunities, please visit the TBP headquarters webpage.