Membership Requirements

"How can I join Tau Beta Pi?"


The UC San Diego Chapter of Tau Beta Pi conducts two Initiations per academic year. Invitations to eligible students are mailed out during Weeks 3 and 4 of the Fall and Winter academic quarters to students in the top 1/8th of the Junior class and top 1/5th of the Senior class. For students to have Junior Class standing, they must have completed 90-135 units. To qualify for Senior Class standing, students must have completed over 135 units. In addition, students must have attended UCSD for at least one full academic year.

After invitations are sent out, info sessions are held for the the invited students to inform them about the initiation process to become a member. During the Initiation Cycle (approximately a 10 week period), we look for two main things when electing new members into TBP. The first is academic excellence, which all of you have obviously attained. The second, and perhaps the more important of the two, is outstanding character. In order to better judge this, we would like to get to know you better. Thus, we ask that you submit a candidate packet with some information about yourself, as well as participate in events with our members. After reviewing your packets, we will conduct individual interviews. At this point, we will invite those people who we feel exemplify the qualities we are looking for to initiate into TBP.

Once you initiate, you are a lifetime member. lIf you continue to come to UCSD's Tau Beta Pi events and retain active membership, you will be eligible for chapter benefits. Please see our benefits page for more details.

Candidate Packages

The following materials should be collected in a 9″x12″ envelope with "Tau Beta Pi", your name, major, and year on the front. Submit the envelope to the Tau Beta Pi mailbox on the third floor of Price Center East (ask the Onestop desk if you need help finding it). The submission deadline for the current Initiation Cycle is April 12, 2019 at 12:00 PM noon.

  • Personal Statement:
    In approximately one page (single-spaced), please describe yourself in order to give the selection panel an idea of your interests. Please include information on why you would like to join Tau Beta Pi, and what you can contribute to this organization.
  • Current Resumé:
    A copy of your resumé is required in your candidate packet. In addition, a PDF version emailed to is also required. In the email subject line, please include your name, major, and graduation year. We highly recommend submitting your resumé to the Jacobs School of Engineering database.
  • Two Faculty Ratings:
    Have two professors who know you or whose class you have taken complete the Faculty Rating Form. One of those professors must be from the Jacobs School of Engineering. Return the form in a sealed, signed, and dated envelope.
  • Academic Honesty Statement:
    A hand written statement verifying your compliance with UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship, a copy of which can be downloaded here. Below the statement, please print and sign your name.
  • Class Checklist:
    Complete and include a checklist of all the classes you have taken (including classes for your major, college, GE and for fun). Then indicate which ones were completed for your major.
Sample Resume 1
Sample Personal Statement 1   2

All required documents can be found in this archive (also found under the Resources tab).

Points Requirement

We require eligible initiates to either fill out a point verification form or use our beta point tracking app over the course of their Initiation Cycle.

  • 3 points must be from Social/House events (at least one individual house and one all-house competition)
  • 3 points must be from Academic/Professional events (including a mandatory resumé critique)
  • 3 points must be from Outreach/Community Service events
  • 5 points can be from any of the three categories listed
  • 1 additional point for Coffee with an Officer
Points are usually given at a rate of 1 pt/hr at each event, and typically require a signature from a TBP officer as witness of your attendance. Your points list must have signatures from 5 different officers to be considered complete. If you do not use the app, the point verification form must be turned in on the day of Initiation.


Interviews will be scheduled. These are primarily an opportunity for the Tau Beta Pi members to get to know you, but will also be used to assess your character and what you may bring to the organization. It is important that the information packet be turned in on time so that the members can learn about you before the interview. We will schedule interviews by e-mail during the weeks prior to the interviews. Business attire is required. Anyone who is not dressed properly will be asked to leave and come back on a later date.

Initation Ceremony

Initiation is mandatory! Any eligible initiate unable to make it to initiation will not be able to initiate this term! A one-time lifetime membership fee of $110 (made payable to “UCSD Tau Beta Pi”) is due on the night of Initiation. This fee covers chapter operating costs, dues to TBP national headquarters, cost of Initiation materials, and the initiate banquet. Business attire is required. Anyone who is not dressed appropriately will not be able to take part in the ceremony. The date of the Initiation Ceremony for the Spring Cycle is May 4th, 2019.